Just a quick note (Rave) I purchased a 6040 Router last week and am waiting for it to come in. I am primarily a woodworker so that is my focus. While I wait for the machine to arrive I've been downloading and trying software. I have used Sketchup for a while and I already know just enough to be dangerous. I have used TurboCad in the past for 2D. I am one of those guys that usually reads the directions after the fact. I needed a CAM package so I downloaded VCarve Desktop, and while it is a good program I personally didn't find it intuitive and I struggled greatly with it. I practically drowned trying to grasp Fusion360, Then I found MeshCam. The interface is intuitive and so far I was able to create a design in Sketchup and then a Toolpath in Meshcam without resorting to a tutorial or profanity. I'm sure I'll need to actually watch tutorials as I progress and develop more sophistication in my designs. The Rave is that I believe this is the program for me. I don't believe I'll outgrow it, And once I get my CNC in about a week I'll see how well the toolpaths work. Hopefully I'll get the machine up and running before the trial runs out, but the cost of this program is very reasonable and at this point I don't see any equal programs