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Thread: Sunwin 4-axis CNC TB6560 instructions

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    Default Sunwin 4-axis CNC TB6560 instructions

    I am new in the CNC hardware area but have worked up CNC g-code for a 4 axis foam cutter where I used to work. I am retired now. I purchased a “Sunwin 4-axis CNC TB6560” kit through Amazon which came with 4 motors, power supply, board and some wiring. I am in the process of setting up my wife’s free motion quilting machine to do computer driven patterns that I have designed myself and created g-codes. There was supposed to be a CD with full instructions on how to hook up the hardware in the package. I received a mini-CD in the package but it appears that it is blank. I have tried it on several computers and they do not even see a CD. I know some of the connections but not all and whan to make sure that it is all correct before I power it up. My question is: Is there a web site where I can down load this information (preferably in English) or does someone have this information that I can get to complete my project for my wife’s quilter? Any information will be appreciated!!!

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    with google I think you can find many documentation about..

    I give you the first two link, but I believe there are many yet

    three axis tb6560 cnc driver users manual PDF User Manual

    theres no real differences between 3 or 4 axis boards.. I mean as their setup..

    the tb6560 I think produced more than any other control..

    heres another about setting up in mach3 ? View topic - TB6560 4 Axis Mach 3 Configuration

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    I have not forgotten you. I have been busy in other things. The information you gave me links to was of great help. In the last month I have gotten busy and installed the board that I told you that I have and wired up the quilting machine, have installed two spring loaded motors with rigid belt tracks and we have done our first quilt after a struggle finding the right 25 pin parallel cable. It worked great and the pattern that I made worked wonderfully.
    My final hurdle is the relay that will turn on and off the quilting machine. right now I have a remote toggle switch that allows me to do this manually. One of the board ports has one pin location labeled spindle control and ground pins. This pin seems to vary in voltage from 2-volts to 5-volts when I click the button on the Diagnostics screen (Mech3" labeled "Spindle Toggle". What kind of relay/control do I need to complete this task when the program starts and stops? I would appreciate any information you can give me.

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