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Thread: Arboga Maskiner Parts????

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    Default Arboga Maskiner Parts????

    We are looking at purchasing a RLM3508 Arboga Maskiner Radial Arm Drill. It is in good shape but if I ever needed to get replacement parts, are they avaialble. I can't find anything on the web regarding the company's status. I am assuming they are no longer in business. If I encounter a problem, will I have a difficult time finding parts? Also, any info regarding this machines performance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I think they are gone or taken over.They are a very reliable machine and used the same heads as are on the radials on some of the pillar drills.The weak spot,which is not weak as it was designed that way is the tufnol gear in the gearbox,continued shock overloads will shear the teeth.Most people just make their own replacement.

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