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Thread: Corel draw - autocad question laser!

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    Default Corel draw - autocad question laser!

    for me it is getting frustrated but i am sure some of you know this problem.


    i am getting files from a guy who draws in Acad exports then in DXF.
    now when i import all goes great.
    now i export it to plt to the laser
    laser starts and starts all over the place , curve here , curve there
    nothing in one piece.
    also it start pulsating the laser on and off everythime it find,s a curve line.

    first i tried to combine everything by selecting the object then CTRL+L
    it makes a object but same problem.
    what seems to be a bit working is shaping into a object , i thins out the lines
    then laser cuts it in one piece
    but still you can see on the drawing how the guy made the curve
    and the laser still follows it as a line to line pulsating and looking terrible.

    can one of you tell me what the correct way is?


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    Tell the customer to convert to polylines before exporting it for you.

    Also, always select "Reduce Nodes" in the Import dialog. Also have a look at the "simplify" function on the property toolbar, it can remove extra lines.

    Here's how to change the cut order:

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    Quote Originally Posted by bisjoe View Post
    Tell the customer to convert to polylines before exporting it for you.
    And make sure he joins the segments into one continuous polyline.


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    Thanks guys
    that was very helpfull.

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