Need Help! Irregular engrave, pleaseee heelp, i canīt do this alone :(

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Thread: Irregular engrave, pleaseee heelp, i canīt do this alone :(

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    Exclamation Irregular engrave, pleaseee heelp, i canīt do this alone :(

    Hello, iīm new in this forum, i came here because canīt get a solution for this, donīt find any answer in the internet and this is my last hope.

    The thing is that i have a chinese laser engraver machine, 100w 130x90cm, iīve been trying to engrave some things and cant get good results, the edges and bottom of the engrave are irregular.
    I tried first with Speed: 300mm/s Power 20% and .1 interval but i got such a bad engrave, after some test changing the speed, power, and interval (improves the definition but nothing else), i reduced the speed to 100mm/s to get a good edges but the bottom was very irregular after all.

    So i zoomed the preview screen in RDWworks and i realized that the problem came direct from the software, the interval in some areas are diferent and match with the depth in the actual engrave.
    I dont know how to change this, i tried exploring all the interface of the sofware but canīt find a solution.

    If someone can help me to fix it it would save my life

    Here are some images of the engrave and the preview. In the image you can see 6mm acrylic after being brushed to remove burrs from the engraving (so much dust and little pieces from the edges). It does the same with other materials.
    Thank you for read, sorry for my bad english, iīm from México.


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    Default Re: Irregular engrave, pleaseee heelp, i canīt do this alone :(

    1.check the focal length
    2.whether the X-axis beams was paralleled?
    re-do your beam alignment
    4.whether the laser head and focusing lens was loosened?

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