Hi all,

What would you change about your own builds? I'd love to learn from mistakes made, best way to learn IMHO. I will continue my research of course but there's no substitute for reports from the coal face as it were.

It has been my experience that no matter what project I'm working on, I end up finding things I'd do very differently if I started over. It just so happens I've begun the journey into making my own CNC Laser. So far I've decided that I need the power of a CO2 unit for cutting at decent feedrates, and all the optics that implies. Next is to decide on the type of linear rails. V-slot, guide/carriage (and sundry sub-types) etc

I have an industrial laser cutting background so am very familiar with the larger scale machines, but of course building my own is a different thing entirely.

Thanks in advance everyone. I appreciate your time if you're able to reply.

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