Hello all,

I am ready to order a laser cutting machine, 1600x1000mm work area, 100-120W of power. This would be our first machine but I've worked projects with a supplier who uses them.
Its main purpose will be to cut PE foam up to 20mm, Cordura and other fabrics for sewn goods prototyping and production.
The secondary purpose will be to cut acrylic & MDF boards for one-off projects (workshop tools/jigs and such).
Engraving is not really necessary so not a priority.
The fabric will be inserted from the front on a roll of 1530-1580mm hence the work area.

I have quotes from Jinan Unich CNC and Jinan Bodor with a 18% higher price for the latter, part of which is due to the following differences: Bodor has autofocus, WiFi, coaxial visible laser and an extra year of warranty.
An additional factor is the Swiss company doing design and engineering with Bodor - they are 3 hours away from my location so in case of a severe need, troubleshooting could be an option.
An argument for Unich is that my European factory partner has two of those and they work daily for him with no issues.
Both machines use a RECI tube and seemingly most components are the same. Both machines fit in my budget. The commercial contact is definitely more "Western style" and nicer at Bodor.

My questions:
- Which choice would be the better?
- I'm considering the downgrade to 100W if I buy the Bodor machine which saves 250USD. Will that make a big impact on the MDF/acrylic cutting jobs?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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