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Thread: moshidraw laser sh-k40 IV

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    Question moshidraw laser sh-k40 IV


    I foresee it Here I am Belgian and French so I translate my posts by our friend Google

    I bought a Chinese laser Shenhui laser SH-40K IV moshidraw (software and driver).

    But here it has never worked properly.

    On vista I have always the error: error data conversion

    On XP it serious part and then it stops, not simple.

    So here as the laser engraver is equipped with a USB key protection and I can not use other software and driver Moshidraw.

    I read in this forum that it was possible to change the card to use another driver and other software,

    can you tell me if it is easy to use and install?

    And the price may

    In addition there is a possibility of assistance in French?
    All the information is useful.

    A big thank you to all. :

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    So it is with a laser USB
    The manipulation to change the control board is simple?
    and what card should I take?
    and what is the price (+ -) or order this map?

    a big thank you for your reply

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    ok thank you very much

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    Default Moshy

    Moshy software is used in chinese market, no link witht corel or others.

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    hello, i am also buyed laser machine which has this problem, but the supplier has solve it for me, you can contact this supplier:Yufeng, may be he can help you. he give me so much help
    his Msn

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    My friends, download the last version of Moshi here To link with Corel Draw, you should install the Corel completely, and in Moshi software go to File > Options and Link do Corel Draw, ok.

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    I also have this laser. I cannot get the laser to engrave. I have tested the alignment of it and when you hit the test switch the it is fine. But when Moshidraw goes to engrave it acts like it is engraving (you can see the tube flickering) and the engraving head moves but no laser comming out if it. Any ideas?

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    We use Newlydraw for our mini desktop laser machine

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    I use Moshidraw and DC-K401V Shenhui laser engraver. I presume you have the correct setting on the software for the type of engraving you want to do. On the output page, mine is set to 'Cave' (presume this is meant to be Carve) and 'Normal' for engraving wording or pictures on to wood, plastic or leather.
    Try turning up the mA current whilst it is engraving, a spark should be emitting from the laser and will get stronger the higher it is set. Mine is set to only 3mA for engraving on leather but it needs to be higher for cutting.
    Hope this is some help.

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    Unhappy Moshidraw draw nightmare

    I also purchased cheap Chinese laser engraver 40w with moshidraw software we have small business mostly engraving nameplates for trophies and occasional acrylic and glass awards. For nameplates we use our little trusted Roland egx 20 using simple but easy to use dr engrave software so we wanted to upgrade and try laser engraving I never dreamed it would be so difficult. After initially setting up the machine and horrible moshidraw software all my engraving comes out very bed it is set on 3 mA and sometimes it just burn the plastic nameplate and sometime the engraving is just lines does not make any sance what am I doing wrong we mostly engrave on plastic or anodized aluminum ? I also have lots of problems with text the spacing is bed. Does anyone know if I could link autoCAD with moshidraw. I would appreciate any help or advice. Tanya

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