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    Default Moshidraw

    Hello everybody,

    This is translated by Google because I'm from Belgium

    That is the problem, I just bought a laser machine games but when I burn with software and USB dongle I have always the same error message ERROR DATA CONVERSION.

    That this person had the same problem as me and he knew how to fix it.

    PS: I'm on vista

    Thank you

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    Default Moshidraw and Vista

    Moshidraw is a very 'buggy' program. It conflicts with
    other programs, and I often have to re-install it.

    It works, however, under Windows XP.

    But I just tried to get it to work on a Windows Vista system and it is
    giving me the Data Conversion error. If you have solved this problem,
    already, please let me know. Otherwise, when I solve it, I will post my
    answer here.

    -- David

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    A big thank you David for your answer.

    no I still have not found to fix this issue

    even on Windows XP I am part of a serious picture.

    I did everything for this to work but nothing.

    I remain a solution for your listening and if I'll pass on the solution

    thank you to you and yours I thank you on the wire

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    I have asked my laser engraver supplier for the answer. I thought it might be the Vista,
    and that I have to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional which uses Windows XP emulation. But you say, you have used XP, so maybe that is not the answer. I will see what my laser engraver supplier tells me.
    - David

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    Hello friends, download the last version of Moshidraw here: and use Windows XP or Seven. Ok. Machado - Brazil.

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    Default moshidraw laser sh-k40 IV

    ok a big thank you to all but the problem is not resolved even with the new version of 9.8 moshidraw

    but here's a partial solution

    must each time moshidraw uninstall and reinstall but for all who is over 10 cm I have still not found

    This is another big thank you

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    DATA CONVERSION ERROR is a software problem.
    You need to have clean Win XP SP2 or 3
    If you have many other programs and drivers there will be a problem.
    For instance I had a problem with Radio-internet driver.
    Every time I am using Moshi internet must be uninstalled.

    CNC lasers, constructions, service

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    I use Moshidraw on Windows 7 now but also had it on Windows XP. I don't know if this is any help but mine is linked to CorelDraw and have found the DATA CONVERSION ERROR appears if I open Coreldraw first and try to export it to Moshi. I have to open Moshidraw first. I also find, if I save the drawing and then close down Moshidraw, when I re-open it, it usually works. It does conflict with other hardware devices if they are plugged in to USB ports. I had a problem getting Moshidraw to communicate with the laser engraver when I bought my Windows 7 PC. In deperation I let Windows 7 search for a driver on the internet, which it did and now it works fine. Hope this is of some help.

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    I also had endless problems with the software moshidraw. Looking through some youtube video I found that there were some modifications who allowed me to connect the machine to Mach3. The problem however is that it was quite complicated to configure them (for exemple the laser often stay on when not needed), also did not found any of them taht enable engraving images.
    Continuing to look on the internet I discovered a new card for the machine. I thought it was just interesting because in addition to being plug & play,it run Mach3 and able you to do engraving.
    I bought one and now after 5 days of use I must admit it was a great purchase! Easy to install and engraving are also easy because there is no need a pre dithering of images.

    If anyone is interested I leave the link of the manufacturer:

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