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    I bought jcut 6090A 9 month ago for my lab (hackspace) and happy with it)

    I ordered 4-th axis and 1.5KW spindle + custom made z axis with 25 cm travel and it was still much cheaper than bying similar without all that here in russia. they built custom router in a week.

    I expected it to be smaller so we had to make changes in truck to make it fit))

    Door was also too small.. I disassembled jcut-6090A and assembled it back indoors.

    I use it mostly for aluminium routing for my prototypes of weird devices but i think it's rigid enough for steel as well. I tried it with wood and pastic. does job well.

    I could not get superior quality of aluminium parts untill i installed lubricating and cooling liquid feeding system:


    I also use 25mm aluminium sheet as a table which does not bend under any pressure) and it's perfectly flat (I cut of it's surface by mill)

    Simply by changing position of end sensors i increased travel from 900*600*250 to 1000*750*290

    It's very havy because of hudge custed metal base and very thick metal used for axes. So it handles loads well and very reliable.

    It's a big advantage bying it derectly from factory:
    Cheaper and you can order something custom like increased Z travel and dual position y axis. you can contact Mandy for details: jcutmandy@gmail.com or ebay ID chinakzj and skype wdzhangying

    they also added fiew mills. I'm still using them

    We are building new Hackspace in Saint-Petersburg and we are discussing new CNC router that will also be 3D printer (using plastic extruder we are making right now) and maybe even laser/plasma cutter (all in one). I would surely prefere working with same factory as i had very positive experience working with them.

    We have similar routers sold in shops here like "rabbit" but JCUT has more metal and rigidity + lower price. So delivery is the only problem, but it's worth the wait. I really don't think there's anything better for buck in murket now.

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    Default Re: jcut 6090A review

    I realize this is an old post but thanks for the tip about increasing the travel by relocating the limit switches. Also, it's good to know that it's not difficult to set up a coolant system with this machine. Thanks.

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jcut 6090A review
jcut 6090A review