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Thread: Drum Switch wiring for Dummies

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    Default Drum Switch wiring for Dummies

    Hello I wish I was a electronics master but I am admitting that I am not. I was wondering if some electronics guru could help me out wiring this motor to a dayton drum switch here is the pic of the motor.

    I will be using low voltage I just need to know which wire goes where I've done alot of looking on the internet and nothing seems to work I keep blowing the breaker any help would be greatly appreciated thanks again

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    Can you give us a link to the drum switch or a photo of the instructions to the drum switch?

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    It is not advisable to put that motor on a drum switch since it is capacitor start and will not instant reverse. This type of motor really should come to a complete stop first or you risk burning up the internal start windings and run/start switch contacts.

    It can be done with a drum switch and the same type of circuit method below. You need to know which is the pass through contact for the hot wire and which contacts are setup to cross over to swap the red/black leads controlling rotation direction. I've just seen far too many failures of contact arc on the drum switches and motor failures from ham handed operators switching them under load.

    You can add a forward/reverse switch using a 10-20 amp DPDT toggle switch connected as pictured. Just turn off power and let it come to idle before switching motor direction. Label the switch as a precaution; "Do not switch under power" or something along those lines.


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