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Thread: 220 to 440 transformer conversion

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    Default 220 to 440 transformer conversion

    Hi gang
    I need to power a 5.5 KVA 440 volt Lathe on 3 phase.(not CNC)
    The motor is dedicated delta 440, and cannot be replaced/reconfigured.
    I want to take a 11 KVA (440 to 220) single phase power transformer and
    reverse feed it to get 440 single phase output.
    I think this will give me about 9 KVA derated.
    Then I will feed a 7.5 KVA 440 volt Invertor.
    Since it is not getting normal 3 phase input, I derate it to about 5.5 KVA.
    Appropriate fuses and disconnects will be inserted in this system.
    Any comments good or bad with this idea?
    I have no friends who know this stuff to bounce this off of.
    The materials are on hand at another guys
    I believe it should work.
    Thanks for any and all comments!

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    Single phase input is usually not a option on 440vac input inverters. They figure if you have 440vac you have three phase. If fed single phase they will give a missing phase alarm.


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