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    Would it be feasible to convert a CNC router to a laser cut machine? We have a Bulleri CNC that has a 5x10 table, with 2 router heads. I would like to cut stainless steel, and acrylic sheets. If I was to attach a Coherent Diamond K-500 laser in place of one of the heads.....I know I would have to modify the tables, but generally speaking, what are potential problems?


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    Wink potential problems

    You may rip a hole in space and time causing us all to be enslaved by talking apes or sleestacks. This isn't likely but ..........
    Actually I was thinking of doing the same to my home made machine. Adding a laser to doing the really teeny work. I know nothing about lasers outside of the HS physics lab, the toy I annoy the cat with, and Star Wars. I will watch this thread with interest. I have a lot to learn.


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    Don't forget all the safety issues with shielding lasers.

    Dick Z


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