Hello everybody,

Having to possess a dual nozzle type 3d printer for several weeks and having the following harassments:

>In printing PLA, the made prototype which has small details and thin wall is perfect and now I have confident in using this material to do printing

>however, wanting to have better strength, I start to print it with ABS.

First trial, very poor, a) inside was unfilled, b) filaments and inter-layers not adhered together, c) tall portion broke down during printing..

Second trial, increase temp. from 220 to 250~255 degree C, slow down speed from 90 to 40, infill increase from 30 to 100%. After checking the filament diameter, it is smaller; only 1.66mm. So flow are increase from 100 to 110~115%. However, the outcome of the second trial is still far from satisfactory.
The defect of a)almost improved, b)improved a little, some portion still loosened packed, tall portions still fell down, it is because some areas was still not dense enough and filament are not fully welded together. Some small details also detached during print.

>after trial for three times more, I totally lost confident. As PLA is no problem, I assumed that it is not the machine's mechanical problem,
the only variable is the filament, its appearance looks good. Is that a 0.1mm smaller in diameter has such big issue or something else?
I cannot adjust the feeder roller tension, is there any grinding of filament occurrence?

Hope to have somebody give help! Thanks,

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