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Thread: Alarm 24 displayed on spindle drive - not ready

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    Default Alarm 24 displayed on spindle drive - not ready

    My machining center kicked into "not ready" mode mid part and eveything stopped. I reset and when I zeroed all axis X and Z moved in rapid but my Y moved very slowly and shot past home and kicked the Y axis over travel, I shut down and tried agian and it homed OK but then shortly thereafter not ready kicked on and it would not reset I opened up the back cabinet and there was a AL 24 displayed on the LED on the spindle drive Is the spindle alarm somehow related to a Y axis homing problem - home switch stuck on? - this thing is a Fanuc OM. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    AL-24 is the serial communication data between the CNC and Spindle amplifier, I think your should look into the Y axis decel switch and may be the broken wire to the decel switch
    Ahn Vuong

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    Thanks Ahn Vuong - I will look and see.


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    disconnect the Y axis and re connect all the cables. The AL 24 will be disappear check the communication between drives and communication cable

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    Thanks, I will check next week and let you know.

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    Decel switch wiring was the problem - Thanks Ahn!

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    wow, when I answer you it was 3 years ago and you just look into this problem? that's ok, I just wonder

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    Took me about a year to fix it and I haven't been back on CNC until now but figured I owed you a reply as you were spot on with your diagnosis!


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