OK, now I am on to solving another problem.

I was finally able to transfer a program to the control, but as I went to run it, I get these errors when it runs up the spindle:

409 servo alarm: (serial err) - after changing the appropriate parameter, it displays SPI=30.
414 servo alarm: X axis detect error
424 servo alarm: Z axis detect error.

Also, diagnostic parameters 0720 (X axis) is 00010000 and 0721 (Z axis) is 00010000. This corresponds to the HCAL bit - abnormal current alarm is being generated in servo amp, check LED. When I check the servo unit in the cabinet, it is displaying an alarm code of 30.

Even before I was able to transfer programs, I could manually get these alarms by just turning up the spindle RPM. It's not always at the same alarm either. It happens at 1250 rpm, 1400 rpm, 1800 rpm, and sometimes even 2200 rpm. But sometimes, I can run it all the way up to 4800 rpm (my max) with no alarms.

Some background info:

I am running in my garage with single phase power. I get about 125V per line from the street so my '220 single phase' runs into a Hammond Power Solutions 24 volt buck transformer. Then into an American Rotary 20 HP rotary phase convertor. At the machine I get the following:

Line 1 to ground 121V
Line 2 to ground 99V
Line 3 to ground 207V (generated leg)

Line 1 to Line 3 232V
Line 2 to Line 3 233V
Line 1 to Line 2 222V

Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this problem and stop these alarms from popping up?

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