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Thread: Fadal AFF feed forward question

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    I have sys 103.5 software verion on my 1996 year vmc15 xt machine , and i would like to use AFF function.
    I dont have yet the pcb-0191 board in but i am able to invest for that 1k card if the AFF solved my problem,
    We use Seco high feed milling tools (diameter 50mm) with 0.4mm deep cutt on feed speed 7000mm\min.
    the machine running fine just on the corner bumping. toolpath sometimes 90 degrees sharp corner.
    I am not sure AFF will reduce the speed before the tool turn 90degreees to other direction or not?

    somebody have experience about AFF?
    My target is with AFF run on 7000feed but before like 1inch from corner the feed reduce to 1000mm\min. and after out of corner speed up again.
    so get out realy smooth movement without bump on high feed speed.

    Thanks Tom

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Fadal AFF feed forward question
Fadal AFF feed forward question