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Thread: A axis rotation ????

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    Default A axis rotation ????

    I have a 2003 model 6030. That is an AC machine, but the wizard that ordered them wanted 4th and 5th with old DC servos. We cant get the A axis to turn the correct direction. When I add the jumper at J4 to the reverse rotation pins on the 1010-6 card . I get a error 3 on A axis? Ive even moved the B card to the A slot. But no go, still error3. Any ideas? Do I hace to switch more wires since this is an conversion to DC machine? Thanks

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    the axis card reverse direction jumper is only for and axis set up for that,generaly used for left side mounting of the x motor.i am not sure about the a axis using it.if it works fine just backwards the power wires to the motor would also need to be swaped,that is the cause of the error the card is just looking for it to go the other way but you have changed nothing to power the motor to go the other way.your best bet for a fast answer will be to call the factory tech support 818-727-2100 option#4.I would look it up but my documentation does not cover -6 cards

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