Hey everyone, I'm an Engineering recruiter and I've been having a tough time finding the right person for an opening that we have in Illinois.

It is a 2nd shift position, 18 month Contract to Direct. Cherry Valley, Illinois.

Need experience with Esprit Programming. Machines are Okuma, but that is not required.

Pays $40-45/h depending on experience, and also if you are not local, a tax-free per diem is available of about $56 per day (The per diem expires after 1 year however)

We also offer a $300 referral if you are able to connect me with the right person for the position.

If you're interested please email me directly, akern@sterling-engineering.com

I have the job posted here in indeed if you want to check that out.

(This job description says Mill Turn Experience required, but just horizontal milling experience is fine)


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