I'm building a flight simulator cockpit as a hobby. I need someone (preferrably a CNC hobbyist) to help me with engraving and routing in acrylic and aluminium. Someone in the Brisbane (Australia) area would be preferred if available, or elsewhere in OZ, if none exist in Brizzy. I am a rank novice at this type of work, so I need someone to guide me as to what is and what is not do-able.
I'm asking for hobbyists, as I can't afford big dollars for my hobby. Having said that, I do not expect to get stuff for free

If there's any CNC router hobbyists in Bris or OZ in general, who are willing to help me, please contact me at

c s c o t t h e n d r y at h o t m a i l dot c o m

sorry for the obfuscation, but I get enough SPAM as it is


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