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Thread: RFQ - Machine work needed, variety of projects

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    Thumbs up RFQ - Machine work needed, variety of projects

    I own an online web-store and ebay store. I am currently just doing reselling but have a HUGE interest in having my own products manufactured.

    I have a variety of ATV/Dirt Bike and some RC (Radio Control) parts that I need to have made. For a first project I picked the easiest thing that I could find (see attached pic). They are called rock rings and they are little more then a circular piece of aluminum with the center cut out and holes drilled around the perimeter. I will be able to provide exact dimensions and a sample piece as well.

    If that works out well, then I have a whole laundry list of new products that I want to bring to market.


    Timothy D. Songster Sr.

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    looks easy enough to make. What quanity and what price range are you looking for?


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    We would be interested in your rock rings, please provide the necessary information. Material, quantity, dimensions, etc.... As far as your other projects, we also offer CNC machining, short run injection molding, thermoforming, urethane casting, etc...We also can support your products with our extensive design department. You can contact me at

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    I would be interested in getting you a price also. Please send more info to:
    I will also soon be offering simple urethane casting in addition to cnc machining.

    Thank you for your time
    Jeff Peaslee

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    Me too!

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    If you would like another quote you can send me the info also. It looks like a pretty simple job.
    Neil Slater

    Slater Machine

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    Default More Detail

    I am very pleased with the responses I have recieved thus far. It seems there are many talented machinists on this board.

    Anyways here are some more specifics. They are still not perfect (I can't find my frickin caliper) but should be plenty close enough for a price quote.

    Rock Ring:
    4" Diameter
    1" Bead (inside to outside) ie 2" diameter hole in the center
    8 holes for bolts (bolts to 1/4" bead on rim)
    8 larger holes (cosmetic)

    0.035" 6061 Aluminum

    Put this in a CAD program that can export to many different machines???
    (Not sure how this works)

    50 sets, A set consists of 4 rock rings, one for each tire (Total of 200 rock rings)

    I would need one manufactured and sent to me so that I can bolt it up and make sure everything fits before i order a million of these things.

    NOTE: Once the first set is done, I will be interested in doing 4 other designs of increasing design complexity. These should be easier since they will be very similar to the first set, except a different design. First design is simply 8 holes.

    After I have 5 designs of rock rings I want to move on to some other small pieces and then move on to some bigger projects involving ATV/Dirtbike parts.

    BOTTOM LINE: I am looking for a good price, but willing to make volume purchases and have many follow up projects.

    If I have missed anything please let me know. This is my first RFQ but I am a quick study.

    Please PM me a price quote.

    PS If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at number below.


    Timothy D. Songster Sr.

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    Hi Drasticsports - I sent you a PM last night with a quote.

    Thank you
    Scott Case

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    Default Rock Ring Quotes

    I appreciate all the people that took the time to give me a quote. I have chosen a vendor for this project. I am confident it will work out well. Either way, I will be posting for future projects.


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    My name is Chris, I am a CNC machinist and a CAD/CAD engineer for a company called SFI who makes parts for the military, aerospace, and medical industries. A friend and I have a side buisness called Native Racing we specialize in machining RC car parts, control arms, engine mounts, chassis, and other things. Our website is I would be more than happy to machine your parts for a low low cost. Lately we have been machining the same parts over and over so it would be great to get a new part going. We have been around for about 5 years now, the owner Jim Smalley is in the top 15 RC truck racers in the US so we know all about the stress points on the arms. If you are interested I can reproduce the arms in either AutoCad or Solidworks along with CamWorks, also I can send you a stress point analysis of your parts if you are interested. If you would please contact me at I'll be able to give you more information, or answer any questions.
    Chris Spencer

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