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    Question Dynatorch XLS 5' x 10'

    Hey Ya'll,

    This is my first post as a member of CNCZone.
    I am a beginner when it comes to CNC Plasma.
    I have never known anyone with a CNC Plasma.
    I have never used or seen a CNC Plasma being used (besides YouTube).

    I recently began doing research on CNC Plasma Tables and considered building a basic DIY table. While I was researching, and seeing what it would take to build or buy a used setup, I came across a screaming deal on a 5'x'10' Dynatorch XLS table and Victor Cutmaster A60 (cheaper than I could have built my own). I snapped it up as quick as I could and assembled as much as I could; it needs two fiberoptic comm cables. So now, I have this kick ass machine sitting in my shop and I haven't the faintest of ideas on how to use it properly.

    I am very excited to get this up and running but I really don't know where to start. What is the best way to start designing? Can I convert a vector image (Adobe Illustrator) into a cut-able image?

    I have time for my cables to come in so I plan on doing lots of research.

    - Kolt

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    Default Re: Dynatorch XLS 5' x 10'

    You will need your vector files to be in DXF format then you can use the Dynatorch software to convert it into Gcode.
    Speeds, feeds and cut data should be available from the plasma manufacturer (my Hypertherm has extensive cut setup charts available)

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Dynatorch XLS 5' x 10'
Dynatorch XLS 5' x 10'