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Thread: Free Plans for a Router Spindle Mount

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    Default Free Plans for a Router Spindle Mount

    Hi All,

    I have just a posted a set of free plans for a simple but effective Router Spindle Mount for the Harbor Freight 1/4" Trim Router. I include all dimensions, material and part numbers to make this yourself. This spindle mount does work. You can see videos of this mount cutting various materials on you tube just search for Modular CNC. My free plans site also has other plans as well. Check it out at



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    Thanks Andy for the plans, those clamps are also available at local auto parts stores. Ask for a Muffler Clamp. -Vinny

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    I have just yesterday built a router mount with similar clamps. They are called exhaust clamps in the uk and can be bought from any auto spares shop.

    I needed a 60mm and 70mm clamp and they hold my router really well. Easier than me trying to make an mdf clamp.

    Also u bolts do the same job.

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