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Thread: What can I make with my router/mill

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    Default What can I make with my router/mill

    This is the short list. There are many many more. The only limit is Your imagination.

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    Default Re: What can I make with my router/mill

    FYI link is broken.

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    Default Re: What can I make with my router/mill

    Given that the link is 6 years old, I'm not surprised. Luckily the wayback machine had the list archived:

    1. Aircraft model parts

    2. Belt buckles

    3. Branding Irons

    4. Clock parts

    a. Dials

    b. Escapements

    c. Escutcheons

    d. Hands

    e. Pendulums

    f. Weight shells

    g. Wheels (gears)

    5. Cutout Letters (foam, MDF, aluminum, HDPE)

    a. Block

    b. Cursive

    c. Gothic

    6. Custom car and truck accent parts

    a. Door handles (interior)

    b. Door lock knobs

    c. Fluid fill caps

    i. Brake fluid

    ii. Coolant

    iii. Oil

    iv. Transmission fluid

    v. Windshield washer

    d. Hood ornaments

    e. Keyhole plates (escutcheon plates)

    f. License plate frames

    g. Lighter knobs

    h. Peddles

    i. Radio knobs

    7. Decoys, Hunting

    8. Engraving

    a. Bracelets

    b. Fobs

    c. Nail trimmers

    9. Gun parts

    10. Instrument panels

    11. Jigsaw puzzles

    12. Key fobs

    13. Laminate inlays for trashcans

    14. Motorboat windshields

    15. Picture frames

    16. Plaques

    a. Memorial

    b. Name (desk, wall)

    c. Trophy mounting

    17. Rotation, injection, and blow mold inserts

    18. Stamps and dies for clay work

    19. Stamps for scrap booking

    20. Stencils

    21. Switch plates

    22. Tool wall racks and holders

    23. Vinyl floor tile inlays

    24. Weather vanes

    25. Wood toys

    a. Animals

    b. Automobiles

    c. Planes

    d. Trains

    26. Wood washroom symbols for outhouses

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