Hi all, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section but I was hoping you good folks could help me with a material selection conundrum.

I was looking to have a custom digital poster totem made comprising of electronic components including a small LCD display and other bits n bobs. There is no getting away with having the enclosure CNC routed and I instantly thought MDF for its price/aesthetics properties. The 'enclosure' is essentially a slab or rectangular block measuring approx 400x280mm with a thickness of 40mm. Its the depth which is routed at places. Think of it as one of those polystyrene inserts for a flight case.The outer perimeter of this block is routed to to create a champfer - a simple half bull nose would suffice.

I'm now wanted to make a move to.....please help me finish the sentence. My thoughts were acrylic or ABS or some kind of plastic which would be cheap, rigid and withstand small knocks etc.

The volumes would be 20pcs at a time so nothing huge - just need it CHEAP and functional with good aesthetic/rigidity properties.

I'm a complete newbie so forgive the ignorance lol.


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