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Thread: Finished building my machines

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    Cool Finished building my machines

    I have finally finished building my workshop that includes these two machines that I built.I use both of them to do various jobs including building furniture,cabinets,signs,trim,letters,carvings and so on whatever the customer wants.These machines have become a great asset to my company pretty much allowing me to design and build whatever comes to my imagination.
    When I decide that I was going to get into furniture and cabinet building and build a workshop I had no idea what a cnc machine was.It was after research on the internet of cabinet shops utilizing cnc machines to produce cabinets more efficiently I decided to look into them.It was after I seen the price of some of these machines that I wasn't going to be able to afford one.It was until I came across this website and some others that I learned that I could probably build one needless to say I never knew the journey that would take me on.Not having any computer skills or machine skills but a creative mind I decided to give it a try.Two years ago I purchased a set of plans of a small machine from diy cnc and started my build that's where it all began.From there I learned the basics I learned the software aspects and the actual machining aspects.I then purchased Aspire and did small jobs with it quickly learning the uses. That's when I wanted a cnc to be able cut full sheets of plywood and my mind went into design mode.
    The machine that is on the left was the prototype where I experimented on and tried many different things to battle against play,backlash,torque and speed while at the same time learning to use different tool paths and strategies to perfect my machining.After that I used my knowledge that I learned to design and build the machine on the right in which I used the prototype to create.Both machines I can drive through half inch and three quarter inch sheets of plywood at 400 ipm and rapid over 1000 ipm with .25 inch bits and probably get way more but I am comfortable with them speeds and get good bit life and great results.
    So with this here are the pictures of the end result. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for this website and its link to all the resources you ever need oh and a good wife that was able to deal with all the frustration and aggravation that I went through.Now off to building many different things to pay for everything and use these machines to build that big dream boat I always wanted.

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    Well said!
    Enjoy those machines, they look great!


    It's not what you take away, it's what you are left with that counts!

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    We need videos!

    And some specifications!

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    Nice work! And +1 on the purchase of Aspire.


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