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Thread: Kavo 4010 spindle - use it or buy other type/brand?

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    Default Kavo 4010 spindle - use it or buy other type/brand?

    Hi there!

    I am in a dilemma! I want to build a CNC drill/router, mainly for PCB use and some alu-milling.

    I used to have a Bungard CCD, which I sold a few years ago (yes, I regret it), but I still have a spare Kavo 4010 spindle, however, I don't have the driver and I need a 3.175mm collet.

    I guess the driver I can build myself (sort of, ESC, 30V, 8A, 60,000rpm), the collet I guess I can buy somewhere (expensive I guess).

    My worry is that the 4010 is primarily a drilling spindle and not really for milling, routing.

    Shall I go to complete my spindle or sell it and buy another one? Or is my worry baseless and I should complete that otherwise excellent spindle?

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    Default Spindle kavo 4010

    Do you still have the Kavo 4010 spindle? Is it complete? if you can sell it, how much it will cost? I actually need one of those, I own a bungard CCD and the spindle is broken.



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