I recently bought an old machine Anayak (right now I don't know it's precise model) with a Sharnoa Tiger 4 controller.

The machine was stopped since 1990. I made a light clean just to watch its condition. Mechanically it is pretty good but the control won't work. On its dashboard, the screen does not show anything but some blurry lines.

The machine has 3 servodrives aze-cc4q and a computer r-471 (I managed to get the servodrives manual, but with the computer r-471 was not that lucky).

When I push manually the power contactor, the servodrives turn ON and ONCE, all 3 motors managed to run. But only ONCE!

Right now, I can't get anything else.

Now I suspect of the computer r-471 and I would like to get its manual. I ask if anyone have it ?

If everything fails, I want to proceed with a retrofit but I don't know the best/cheapest way to do it. Till now, I have one idea, buy the Kflop and Kanalog boards and use it with MACH3, predicting 500$ to Kflop+ Kanalog and some more to get an old Desktop to use the MACH3. (It has to be breakout board / boards prepared to control analog servodrives). Nevertheless I'm open to other ideas.

If someone have some info that can help me, that would be GREAT!.

Best regards,
Telmo Rafeiro

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