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Thread: Heidenhain iTnc 530 - Alarm 25 Drives Temperature Max

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    Unhappy Heidenhain iTnc 530 - Alarm 25 Drives Temperature Max


    All, just wondering if any of you have ever had this alarm?
    25 Drives Temperature Max
    It occasionally occurs, and I believe I have seen it, on the larger movements on the Y axis.

    Its a Dugard X5 - Avia Vario 5x machine with a Trunnion table 5 axis. But I can run a whole program for lets say 25 minutes, then when the table is about to zoom to the front, the alarm occurs. Sometimes, after loading starting the program, when the machine zooms back it occurs. I can press the CE key and carry on the program also.

    The thing is, there is no Y axis movements in rapid more than 50mm during machining, and very few. Also when I check the actual Y axis drive motor, its not even warm. If I just program a simple program to move the Y axis back and forward in rapid from Y-200 to Y+200 continuosly, no alarm occurs. Its just random.

    There is also no dimentional problems on the parts, so am totally confused on this..

    At the bottom of the screen, there is also a red note, which goes something like H45 - 5 axis, and is also red. << have to double check when alarm next occurs.

    cheers for any help...

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    25 Drives Temperature Max & H45 - 5 axis:

    The fifth axis motor (C) temperature has almost reached the maximum allowed. The difference is less than 10 C.
    What is the power consumption of the C axis? The C-axis is unlocked? Cooling system is OK?

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    Yes the cooling system is running through fine and holding at a temperature of about 20 to 30 deg on the cooling unit. All flowing.

    Where should I check the power consumption of the C axis, would that be with at the back with voltmeter. Should I check it while running the C axis movements?

    Also, you asked if the C axis is locked. When the machine is at a stand still etc, the lock symbols are constant on the A and C axis. When I run the machine, its the same, should I be turning these off while machining. Please note that there is very little C axis movements in my current job, but I suppose this can still be a problem.

    Is there an M code to unlock before machining.

    Should I only unlock if the program contains C movements?

    cheers for the help

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