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    Default CNC Room Computer

    We would like to add a sealed computer station in our CNC room.
    We ultimately would like to remove our current computer tower which is in a sealed box with filter air being pumped into it and replace it with something more compact.

    We are thinking of a sealed monitor, ruggized keyboard and mouse. While placing the tower outside the room using the poper cables (extended USB) to each component. The cables would be no longer than 20'.

    It would be wonderful to mount the monitor keyboard and mouse all from a ceiling drop mount and pivot point.

    Does anyone have any expierence, comments or suggests to help with this issue. We currently have three machines all running seperate boxes removing this would add much needed space.

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    070609-0715 EST USA


    1. What function does this computer perform at your machine?
    2. What kind of CNC machines do you have?
    3. What is the connection of the computer to the CNC?
    4. How often does the machine operator interact with the computer?
    5. Do you really need a computer at each CNC?

    Where are you located?


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    Default Here's a possible solution

    This is a great way to get the computer off the floor entirely and leave it in the office.

    You'd have Keyboard, Monitor(LCD) and mouse at the machine.

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    similarly to what rancherbill suggested, i use gefen products to run my monitors and periferals over cat5 cable 20ft to my server closet. They also do a serial extender.

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    KVM Extenders is the best choice for you, have your Towers at ceiling drop mount or wall holders or at the other room & your Keyboards, VGA, Mouse as the Panels near your machines.

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