Hello, membership.
I may have exposed this Ebay seller named cncmachinesupply of possible bait and switch tactics, and they blocked me from further sales.

I was shopping for some Kurt soft jaws on Ebay and found some that offered free shipping in the description. Then to discover that
it was not actually free. I made contact with cncmachinesupply to advised them of their mistake. There was actually more than one
free shipping error I made them aware of.

When I went to order something that actually had free shipping, I was blocked from ordering from them.

I asked them why and their response was:

I feel it would be better if you ordered from another vendor. I fixed the issues you brought up, but I feel it would not be good for either of us to do business together.

Thanks for letting me know about them. It was an honest mistake.

Did I uncover and expose improper business practices with cncmachinesupply for offering free shipping which was untrue? How many customers have been misled in the past and charged unexpected shipping charges.

Regardless to say, I will order from other reputable Ebay suppliers.

Rod in San Francisco

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