Hello All,

Newbie here. Ijust purchased my first Laser from Betty at G.Weike a couple days ago. The purchase was largely based on informationI have read in this forum so I thought I should introduce myself as I am sure Iwill have many questions. I intend tolargely cut/engrave wood and acrylic for hobby purposes, but to transition intoa small business as I build confidence in my abilities. I have many ideas, but am unfamiliar with thesoftware aspect. I have a strongbackground in electronics and have been working with wood and acrylic by handfor a while so I am simply taking the next step. I do have someone local who is willing to sitdown and do some training with me, but I do have some additional questionsspecific to this laser that I was hoping to get answered here. So here goes:

Anyone recently purchased one of these lasers? Has thebuild quality and features improved at all? (most of me research were fromforums that were 2-5 years old here)

What is the best PC to get to run the laser? I have read that Windows 7 32-bit was thebest, but curious how the newer versions of computers/OS are communicating withthe laser.

What should I be on the lookout for upon un-packaging?

Should I run the laser and accessories on separate outlets/breakers or will the laser power supply handle everything (110V)?

Should I stay with the included software or is there abetter option for user-friendliness and will communicate with the laser (I'veread that the laser only likes the packages software)

*Disclaimer* I understand that I am not buying anAmerican laser and that there is a lot of bias in here one way or theother. My decision was based off of thelevel of support I have seen here, my financial situation, and that as abeginner this will force me to learn anything and everything about the laser.

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to being apart of the group

Order details:
Leetro Controller MPC6515
Red Dot
Auto Focus
Motorized Table
Honeycomb Table
CW5000 chiller
Chuck and Wheel Rotary


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