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Thread: Mini Mech Mate - off the shelf parts

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    This looks awesome. Can't wait to see some updates!

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    Default more work on design

    since I have to wait for more pieces to arrive today, I did more work on the design.

    pics below:

    1) overview looking toward gantry and Y-car
    2) top view of double Y gantry
    3) closer view of Y-car

    The Y-car will be a single instead of the double design because the extended carriages are not wide enough unless I add another piece of 1530 to extend the length to 12". I still havent' worked out the details on the Z axis yet. Not sure if the stepper motor will be fixed to the Y car or a moving part on the router support plate.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -sneak1-jpg   -sneak2-jpg   -sneak3-jpg  

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    Default Got X-axis rails

    UPS delivered the metal for all the rails yesterday. I from . The price are very reasonable. They were alot cheaper than the local suppliers in Houston. The guy even cut them to size for me for free since it was easier to ship. I got 16 feet of 1/4"x2" 1018 steel for $30 plus shipping. This will be enough for me to do the X, Y, and Z rails.

    Here's some pics of the work yesterday. I had to drill the X rails twice because I did not follow the rule of "measure twice drill once"! I was off by about 1/16" but that was enough for the bolts on the carriage to rub against the side of the base.

    BTW.. I moved my project to my office ... didn't get a chance to clean up the garage yet!!!

    1) this is my work area in the garage - very basic - no high end machinery
    2) saw I use to cut all my 8020 - use sharp 60 tooth blade and go REAL slow
    3) finished drilling the rails, the FIRST time..
    4) rails installed
    5) rails installed the second time - starting to mock up y-axis , the 3030 is just for mock up since my 1530 has not arrived yet. I am using the 3030 for my table saw fence ( another project - you can see it in the first pic)
    6) Full view of my design
    7) The dual gantry with Y car and router
    8) Y car close up
    9) Y car close up with router

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    -img_1072-800x600-jpg   -fullview-jpg   -gantry-jpg   -y-car-z-rail-jpg  

    -y-car-z-rail2-jpg   -router-support-jpg  

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    Default X and Y axis done

    I was off from work today so spend the morning and afternoon finishing up the X and Y axis. Took a while but finally got the stepper motor running on X and Y axis. I originally had a little trouble because I was using my laptop with a docking station. It works fine at slow speed but could not handle the faster jog.

    Here's some eye candy of the finished axis. I tried to clean up a few pics because of the mess in my garage .. hahaa... You couldn't even find the CNC with all the mess in the background. It's like playing Where's Waldo?.

    1) My unfinished Z-axis
    2) Power supply 6.5A at 24V from ebay $25 and 4-axis Megatronics controller from
    3) Y axis and Y-car
    4) Z axis mounted on Y-car
    5) another view

    I made a video of it drawing the road runner with a Sharpie since I don't have the Z axis done yet. I am missing a few pieces to finish the Z axis right now so need to order a few more pieces. The stepper motor I have will not work so will need to order another one from .

    I will post the video once I upload to youtube.

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    Default Where's Waldo (I mean the Video)?

    Coming along quickly, I see chips flying soon in your future. Your machine is coming together very fast. Now, just have to hope it is able to rapid as fast as you

    Keep up the good work and the posts. Please don't forget some video.


    I may not be good....
    But I am S L O W!!

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    Default gantry on X axis video

    ""]YouTube- Cncrouterpartsrails.wmv

    Testing the linear carriages for smooth motion without stepper motor

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    Default gantry on X axis video

    ""]YouTube- X Axis test.wmv

    This is with one motor driving the gantry ...

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    Default testing X and Y axis

    ""]YouTube- X and Y axis test.wmv

    Got the Y axis put together ...

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    Default Road runner test

    ""]YouTube- roadrunner .wmv

    The famous roadrunner test without an actual Z axis !! The sharpie didn't cut the MDF too well .. hahaaa... maybe need to sharpen that sharpie!

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    This thing looks great so far. That went together surprisingly fast as well!

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    The idea behind this first build was to design something sturdy and professional looking but without the need for custom machined parts. The only tools I used is a drill press, jig saw, sliding compound miter saw, and a grinder. The key to putting it together quick is to use pre-made diy based components. I did alot of research and price comparison ahead of time.

    Once I get everything done, I will break the machine down to the 3 or 4 main component and do a detail BOM for each. I will also do an assembly video if anyone is interested in building this machine. Not sure if there are any interests since there are very few active users on this threads.

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    There are a lot of us that look without making a comment.
    Looking good so far.

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