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Thread: Connecting to Citizen L20 over RS-232

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    Default Connecting to Citizen L20 over RS-232

    Hi guys,
    Working on getting my '95 Citizen L20 set up. So far it's going well, but I am hitting the wall with I/O. Here are my parameters etc:

    Mitsubishi control
    Parameters not set to zero:
    Baud rate: 1
    Stop bit: 3
    Chr. Length: 3
    Hand Shake: 3
    DC code parity: 1
    CR output: 1

    I have the machine hooked up over the RS-232 cable to an old Dell desktop. I downloaded WinCNC software on demo. When I try to output a file from the Citizen, I get the E04 error code - Device not ready.

    What are you guys using? I'm happy to switch to whatever dnc software will get the job done. I really don't want to edit all of my programs on the machine!


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    Usually, this error means that a program on the computer's side does not use necessary hardware flow control mode or a cable does not contain hardware flow control wires.

    Arthur Grasin, AGG Software
    (DNC Precision, CNC Syntax Editor at

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    i think it might just be a matter of getting the cnc L20 ready to receive, other words get the machine ready so all you have to fo is hit "input"...then go to the pc and send the to the cnc and hit input. hope it helps

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    Default settings

    I have attached the settings for L3 and L5.
    hope this helps

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    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your help, I finally have my computer talking to my screw machine. Two issues were holding me back. The first was the jumpering of wires needed that was in g-code_junkie's pdf. I had my IT guy make me a custom cable to handle that part. The second was that on the computer I was trying to use the 25 pin parallel port (which luckily didn't fry anything as my IT guy informed me that some of the pins on there are powered and can harm sensitive electronics), rather than the 9 pin serial port. A $10 25pin to 9 pin converter from RadioShack allowed me to connect to the serial port. Well thanks again for the help guys, this site is great!

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