I had a hard Z axis crash on a Renishaw MP12 probe. Surprisingly, it still appears to work. But any stylus screwed into the probe body is now angled at about 10 degrees.

MP12's are obsolete enough that Renishaw will not repair them, and I couldn't find another company that would. I'm looking for advice on repairing one. Are there any companies out there that service them?

I'm also wondering about a DIY repair job. Has anyone disassembled one of these? Any advice on how to proceed, or even how to get the probe open to access the switch? I'm thinking if I could find the part inside that is bent, I might be able to straighten it or otherwise fabricate a replacement. I certainly don't need 1 micron repeatability, and I figure if I can get it at least vaguely straight, I can then calibrate out any errors via offsets.

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