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  1. Tree UP1000

    Quote Originally Posted by Redryder_85 View Post
    Do you have parts left over from your retrofit? I am looking boards and anything else UP1000 related.
    I am in need of post processor examples for this machine... Do you have a decent post processor that can be used as an example to write one for MasterCam?



    PS: Look on e-bay for parts to this machine--that is where I was able to get most of my parts. The post processor, that is a whole new set of problems.
  2. G-Codes for Robotics

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Electrical Engineering student and I am willing to write my Master's Thesis on G-Code that can be used for robotics. I know G-Codes are used in 5-axis PLC & CNC machines and i have very little bit knowledge on that. The main issue of my Master's Thesis is i need to apply those g-codes or i have to know the maths involved in converting the G-Codes to general robotics program's. I searched for this topic on many websites but i got no where. So please let me know ...
  3. HELP! Cinturn pipeMFG Centers

    Quote Originally Posted by ifixcnc03 View Post
    I have a Cinci lathe with 2100 controls, Siemens 611 Simodrive. The X axis will drop without counting when the power is turned off. Even when the Estop is pressed. It'll drop anywhere from .002 to .100, all tools have to be resest on 3 different machines everytime the power is turned off. Is this a drive issue? I find it hard to believe that 3 brakes went out at the same time? Possibly a sensor i don't know about? please help
  4. 2001 40-20 fadal spindle speed drop to min in or out of cut at random.

    Spindle will drop from programed speed to minimum speed at any time, in or out of cut high or low range, the active speed does not change on the screen, axis feed rate does not change. No error code is recorded. Service guy was here last Thursday, as you might guess it wouldn't fail for him. Anyone had this happen?
  5. programming

    Hello All,
    New to the forum and had just a general question of dealing with a difficult environment. Recently hired on as lead programmer at a medium sized shop that does a lot of 1 or 2 part runs, usually multiple setups. The method they seem to use to prove a program is to push the green button and walk away. If it doesn't throw an alarm on the machine screen it is assumed to be ok. No dry run, no single blocking, no real checking of any kind. We don't have and won't be getting any ...
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