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Thread: Left Handed Threading on a Grizzly G0602 10x22 Benchtop Lathe

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    Default Left Handed Threading on a Grizzly G0602 10x22 Benchtop Lathe

    Is it possible to cut left handed threads on a Grizzly G0602 10x22 benchtop lathe? If not, is there a similar priced lathe that will?

    Is there anyone here that has converted their G0602 to DC power for reduced RPM for threading? If so, what motor and controller did you use?

    Thanks BigSmith

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    TRun machine forward with feed in reverse and tool on front side. Compound set at 29 degrees, but opposite what you would do for right hand threads (With the compund handle toward headstock end). Tool will feed from left to right so you will need an undercut where the tool is positioned for starting the cut.

    If you can't reverse the feed it won't work.

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    The G0602 does not have the ability to reverse the feed, and so is unable to cut left handed threads - at least as it comes from the factory.

    Several people have made a Reverse Tumbler for the G0602 lathe:

    Projects in Metal - Normans Reverse Tumbler Plans for a Grizzly G0602 10x22 Lathe

    Dennis Atwoods Tumbler Reverse for 10x22 Lathe

    RCDON"s Reverse Tumbler Project

    Some people have converted their G0602 to a DC motor and controller for reduced RPM's, but others prefer the use of a 3-phase AC motor and a variable frequency drive that can take single phase phase in and output three phase power.

    Projects in Metal - Install a VFD on a Grizzly G0602 10x22 Lathe


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    Thanks Titaniumboy

    I like RCDON's tumbler reverse. Simple and easy mod. No reason to do any reinventing. Much appreciated.


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