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Thread: G0704 problem

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    Default G0704 problem

    The spindle on my G0704 does not engage in the low speed setting. It works fine in high speed but in low speed it was spin a few times on each start up and then stop. It seems like it is not catching or something, as the motor sounds fine and appears to be increasing speed as the dial is turned up. any thoughts?



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    Default no low gear G0704

    Hi, Does the gear engage and mesh? All you might have to do is rotate the spindle slightly by hand to get it to engage. If you tried that already and it doesn't help tilt you head and take the back cover off.
    You will be able to see the 'gear train'. Your problem sounds like a 'finger' to 'gear' mis-alignment. With the head tilted, power off, and cover off, move the high low gear 'knob'. If the finger is not moving it, a few different things may be wrong and you'll have to work through it step by step, could be with the 'knob' itself, the 'sliding gear', 'key', 'keyway', etc.
    I'm pretty sure once you tilt the head and look you see right off where the problem is, it'd also be a good time to grease the gears too, the factory is negilgent sometimes in this respect (; Don't go overboard with the grease. You'll want to use grease with some 'cling', and lithium based should be fine.
    Hope, this helps, if not and you take some pics, the problem may be easier to isolate.

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    Thanks for the advice, i will give it a try.

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    Default some pics

    Here are the pics of the gear box. The gear with the yellow arrow pointing to it in two of the pics appears to be covered with a melted plastic or something. I have contacted Grizzly and sent these pics but does anyone have any idea what that stuff could be?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -gear-1-jpg   -gear-2-jpg   -gear-3-jpg  

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    you toasted that gear somehow, looks like it wasn't fully engaged when it was run.
    If you don't want to wait to order one from grizzly, i have mine i'm not using.
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    Unhappy stripped gear

    The gear is stripped, probably happened because it was run when it wasn't fully engaged and/or the gear was changed while running.
    These gears are made out of, I believe, Nylon 6, which is pretty much the same material used in polymer gun frames, it's actually very sturdy stuff and allows the gear train to not require an oil immersion bath.
    This will require you to remove the shaft the gear rides on and replace it.
    I don't envy you, looks like a good couple hour job. Hopefully, others will see this and take care.
    Even steel gears can be stripped/broken teeth if you have 'engagment issues'.

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    Here's a video on removing the intermediate gears, it's pretty easy.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- G0704 intermediate gear removal.MP4[/nomedia]

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