Have most of my control box set up. I have 6 KL4042D Stepper Drivers that are going to drive 4 KL23H286-20-8B and 2 KL23H276-30-8B stepper motors. I need to know how I should set the current settings on the KL4042D's.

According to the data sheets, the 4 KL23H286 in Bi-Polar Parallel Mode have a current rating of 2.8A and the 2 KL23H276-30-8B have a current rating of 4.2A in Bi-Polar Parallel Mode.

Do I set the RMS values to 2.8A and 4.2A or do I set the or the Peak values to 2.8A and 4.2A?

Or should I just leave the stepper drivers in Default/Software mode of .5A to 4.2A and let the motors draw what they want when they want? Or if I leave the stepper drivers in the software mode, do I have to set the current values in Mach4?

Please bear with me, total newbie and trying to muddle my way through this. Mach 4 video tutorial are non existent except from DAZ and I have yet to see this addressed.

Secondary, what should I set the Microsteps to? I have read 1/4 to 1/256. I am using a 5/8 X .2 ball screw on the X and Y of the Mini Mill direct drive, 5/8 X .2 ball screw with a .2 belt with a .2 32 tooth and .2 16 tooth pulley on the Z axis of the Mini Mill. All motors are 200 step per rev. Or should I leave that in Default/Software mode (1 to 512) and if I do, do I need to set the value in Mach 4?

This can get very confusing for a newbie like me......

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