ok so I ordered a kit from this is it 4-Axis NEMA23 CNC Kit (48V/ 7.3A/ 570 oz-in / KL-5056)

when it showed it came with different breakout board I contacted them and told them and had them send a wire diagram for my set up . so I wired it all as per the diagram and set up mach3 asper info on their site but motors are not turning the board that was to come was a c10 the one I got was a kl-db25.
now I took my multimeter and if I go across the pins I get 5v on pretty much every pin unless it is gnd . I think this is wrong it also doesn't change if I jog the axis the supplier says that is because the signal is not right from computer. is there away to check all of this. can I check the parallel cable some how to see if its sending signal.

looking for pointers and direction

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