Six Crucial Tips for CNC Operators

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Article: Six Crucial Tips for CNC Operators

  1. Six Crucial Tips for CNC Operators

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    Tasks of a CNC operator demand minute monitoring and perfection. A single mistake can be catastrophic and expensive. In addition, the entire blame is put on the operator. As a skilled CNC operator, you not only have to be aware of the processes, tools and raw materials, but you also need to be extremely careful so that accidents can be avoided. Listed below are six tips that will help you to evade situations which can lead to accidents.
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    #1 Always Follow Manual for Zero Position

    Zero position is a command in which all axes of a machine are returned to their starting position. This phenomenon can be termed as homing the machine. In most machines, the manufacturers set the order of axis movement; therefore, their methods to be homed also differ. Until and unless you have vast experience in CNC operation, you must always refer to the manual guide during this process.

    #2 Don’t Confuse between Coordinates System

    There are two coordinates system of a machine – one is work coordinate system and other one is machine coordinate system. The latter is already set by the manufacturer. Since machine coordinates reside within the machine itself, they cannot be changed. It is the work coordinate system (WCS) through which work is referenced. WCS is usually located via mechanical means like coaxial indicator and edge finder. A CNC operator should not confuse between the two.

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Six Crucial Tips for CNC Operators
Six Crucial Tips for CNC Operators