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  1. Need Help! My accuracy is drifting badly
  2. Starter Wood Relief Art - Buy or Build a CNC?
  3. Need Help! Build Your CNC Green Lean
  4. Where to buy cutters?
  5. Need Help! Can chinese BoB make circles crooked?
  6. Accuracy Issues
  7. Hall Effect Switches
  8. Home CNC - Show off your work!
  9. New Machine Build Wiring Control Box
  10. Need Help! bearing block placement
  11. Need Help! Where get a Complete Design?
  12. Need material for dust curtain
  13. New Machine Build steel/aluminium fixed gantry build
  14. Squaring a slaved Gantry machine
  15. Newbie Manual Control
  16. Design Question
  17. Need Help! Stair Stepping on Y Axis
  18. New Machine Build looking for design advice
  19. Need Help! Best designs or DIY kits under $4k
  20. 80/20 T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Series 30-3060
  21. Oh no, not another one of *these* threads....
  22. Need Help! CNC Sidewinder Routers
  23. Replace T-Slot for tooling plate?
  24. Using linear rails in Z axis--how many?
  26. Need Help! CNC plasma cutting machine hypertherm powermax 45
  27. Newbie Fixed Gantry Design
  28. New Machine Build Mach3/ESS/Yaskawa servo - under construction
  29. Newbie Best UK kit for 8 x 4 MDF furniture making
  30. New Machine Build Alu 3040 frame, Kress 1050, xPro board, 270oz motors - suggestions welcome!
  31. help, need guidance on this forum section
  32. Broke 1/4" straight routerbit
  33. Warning for cracked spindle bracket
  34. Machine plans?
  35. Need Help! Drill chucks
  36. Need Help! Lost steps only on arcs even all low ipm
  37. Need Help! need to improve speed (linuxcnc - 2 motors on x axis)
  38. New Machine Build Cabinet Maker new CNC build advice needed
  39. Need Help! Ball screw shifting between blocks
  40. New Machine Build Backing into the Default_X_Steps_Per_MM Calculation (GRBL)
  41. Gantry height vs spoilboard ?
  42. Need Help! Leadshine Easy servos?
  43. New Machine Build DIY hobby cnc design thoughts?
  44. Need Help! Ball screw Z Axis opinions
  45. Depth of cut problem
  47. Cheap 2 core switch wire
  48. DIY Hobby router for aluminium
  49. Which direction for gantry
  50. Looking to buy a CNC Router, need help on brands
  51. Need Help! Cutting some parts out of .03 aluminum
  52. Need Help! Setting up home switch in-between all axis
  53. Need Help! Using hall effect sensor as home switch in middle of axis
  54. Making Eccentric Bushings
  55. Gantry sides and torsion box questions
  56. Simple DIY bellow
  57. MY DIY rack clamps
  58. Linear Guide Question
  59. SFU nut and nema 34
  60. Give me your opinion about hobby CNC router!
  61. New DIY CNC Project
  62. SheetCam with a CNC Router
  63. Inacurrate cuts
  64. Just for Fun
  65. Open Ox vs ShapeOKO 3, vs etc.
  66. Very Strange Toolpath..hopefully someone can tell me what this machine is doing...
  67. Materials question: MDF vs. tempered hardboard
  68. New machine build
  69. Need Help! Touch Plate
  70. Need Help! Import vise- Kurt soft jaws will not work
  71. New Machine Build SBR rail Alu extrusion gantry design
  72. NICK's DIY 1500x900x250, T-Slot , CNC/3D Printer Project Log
  73. Build Thread High Speed Tubing Build
  74. Need input for spindle idea
  75. New Machine Build All aluminium 1250x1250x250 router
  76. Metal / Wood Spindle
  77. New Machine Build 1300x900x170 aluminium extrusion build
  78. Maximum deflection to aim for?
  79. Newbie CNC Build - All help is welcome
  80. Mechmate vs Aluminum Extrusion Machine (5x10)
  81. Anyone have experience with kits from cncconversionkit.com?
  82. Need Help! Inconsistent results when using ESS
  83. Problems cutting acrylic
  84. Spindle vs router?
  85. Build Thread CNC PKB2
  86. Cost to rigidity balance... where is it? Need help planning large gantry.
  87. Need Help! Shaft coupling
  88. Need Help! Z Axis Jamming
  89. Measuring table to CNC router conversion.
  91. Need Help! Y-axis not square
  92. New Machine Build Aluminium wood working CNC with rotary axis and 2 motors in X axis.
  93. Is an adjustable built size possible?
  94. Build A CNC
  95. New Machine Build My new home made CNC 1800ipm
  96. Variable edge finish problem
  97. What's the latest/greatest in plans or kits these days?
  98. Heavy Table Concept for Cutting Steel
  99. Need Help! Another Buy Or Build Thread
  100. 4x8 cnc router build- 3 or 4 axis control for double nema 34 Y drive?
  101. Y-axis dual screw synchronization
  102. New Machine Build The Black Beast
  103. Any Response
  104. Complete Beginner looking for some help
  105. Problem Machine not always following Mach3
  106. Simple Small Christmas Tree Project
  107. Newbie DIY Machine Design
  108. New Machine Build Awesome Animation of My 2nd Build!
  109. Swing in Tool Probe
  110. Missing steps on X axis
  111. CNC Build
  112. Removing Rust From Free Rusted Steel
  113. New Machine Build 2nd Build, 50"x110" Steel Base, Aluminum Gantry, possible 4th axis
  114. Profile rail for gantry, laying flat, or on edge?
  115. Newbie New to CNC Routers - Viability of Ox CNC Router for my needs?
  116. Started a CNC Controller Enclosure Project
  117. I screwed up!!! I forgot to save my offset...
  118. Need Help! Chinese spindle 2.2kw
  119. ER-20 Collet Chucks
  120. Mach 3 suddenly started ignoring limit switches while run. Nothing to do with homing.
  121. Need Help! vertical cnc router
  122. Cutting Forces and FEA
  123. New Machine Build Aluminium Router
  124. Looking for upgrade ideas on my MDF router build
  125. Need Help! Spindle Suggestions Needed
  126. Need Help! New DIY machine build
  127. Need Help! Looking for a reasonable priced 4th axis for my machine...
  128. Newbie Router to cut aluminum & wood
  129. help on my first project
  130. Hiwin linear actuator for Z-Axis
  131. Cutting of helixes on the indexer
  132. CNC conversion kit Makerspace Nanaimo build thread
  133. ultima cena di caravaggio
  134. Quality Skate bearings...
  135. 3hp Roots Blower Vacuum Pump (give away / SoCal)
  136. RiNo Route, Belt Drive 4 x 8 DIY CNC machine
  137. Need Help! Choosing y axis design
  138. Questions regarding epoxy
  139. DYI Precision Heavy Duty CNC Router
  140. mounting round linear rails upside down bad or good?
  141. Newbie design decision
  142. Design question: mounting of supported rails on t-slot extrusion
  143. Should I use a fixed or variable speed spindle? Does it matter?
  144. Solved Newly finished high flow dust shroud for H2O cooled 2.2kw spindles
  145. Acrylic Carving Results
  146. Newbie Stepper mottor amount and torque for brass/aluminium
  147. Fly cutting table surface
  148. Need Help! Limit Switches
  149. Newbe!! Advice/ suggestions on new build?
  150. New Machine Build G540 - 4Axis, wood cutting with nema 23's
  151. New Machine Build Lessons in overkill! Welded steel, fixed gantry router
  152. Need Help! Fan CFM for blowing aluminum chips
  153. Need Help! Water cooling my spindle
  154. Gast Vane pump... vacuum hold down
  155. New DIY build - design suggestions/ideas welcome
  156. Removing a router's fan, replacing with CPU fan
  157. Playing with Air Scribe on CNC Machine
  158. New Machine Build Machine 3 - 8020 + Linear Rail + High Speed Ballscrews + GRBL
  159. New Machine Build Amazon Special Modular CNC Platform
  160. Damen CNC Antibacklash R&P
  161. Looking for some suggestions on X/Y locator pins
  162. New Machine Build The Ikea Router
  163. CNCRouterParts vs Opensource OX Metal
  164. Need Help! Problem with X Axis (NOT MECHANICAL)
  165. CNC NOOB builds a modified Grunblau machine
  166. Newbie Looking for some advice while planning for my first CNC Router
  167. wiring without Breakout Board
  168. Drilling with router
  169. So... I needed a dust shoe
  170. New Machine Build cnc made of melamine?
  171. Router bit wear...
  172. Newbie need some help deciding on a NEMA 34 electronics kit
  173. Just In Tramming liquid touch plate
  174. My cnc project
  175. Need Help! looking some plans or pics to build an small CNC machine to work with aluminium
  176. Solved Cutting Alloy. I found a cheap cutter. How about you!
  177. Newbie Looking for input on machine ideas.
  178. DIY Vacuum Table, with T-nuts/Inserts???
  179. Newbie Planning ahead!!!
  180. Urgent help needed. TIA
  181. Need Help! Not sure about the wire diagram, power in
  182. Need Help! New to machining. Some advice on bits for wood and plastic work?
  183. How are tool changes handled on machines with multiple routers?
  184. Need help trying to Install a Plasma cutter on CNC Router table
  185. Need advise for retrofitting old XY table
  186. Max IPM question
  187. Is this a good frame and gantry to build on top of?
  188. Supplier for ER20 Collets?
  189. New Machine Build $600 all in cost - 2x2 first CNC
  190. Build Thread concrete, sidewalk and patio engraver
  191. Need Help! New build/Tinyg router RF interference?
  192. Large CNC Router for Steel & Aluminium - BELT DRIVE SPINDLE and other questions
  193. My fixed gantry router nearing completion :)
  194. New Machine Build Some questions before make it REAL
  195. Need Help! moving table setup etc
  196. New Machine Build Guide rod diameter to length and weight of head?
  197. Need Help! Dust collection
  198. Simple Draw test??
  199. Build Thread Custom CAM CNC Line Programming
  200. Information Overload! Quick Question on where to start given my use, thanks
  201. New Machine Build Homemade cnc 5Axis
  202. Video Got my 1st cut done!!! :) :) :)
  203. Favorite Super PID Enclosures
  204. Build Thread assessment of design and alignment
  205. Need Help! What's the bit of flexible/stiff vacuum pipe called that goes near the spindle?
  206. Newbie looking for my first cnc
  207. Using SBR12 Linear Rail for X Axis
  208. Need Help! Looking for educational direction
  209. Newbie Just need repeatability
  210. Just started a VFD controlled Spindle introduction
  211. Routers
  212. 30"+ work space low cost diy CNC router parts kits?
  213. Replacement bearings for Hitachi MV12...
  214. Need Help! Home made machine vibration
  215. What determines available router cutting area size, besides physical design?
  216. Problem Using kickstarter to help machine building?
  217. Need Help! harmonics and vibration when jogging slow speed
  218. 5 axis Trunnion Table
  219. Rigid Steel Router - 20" x 30"
  220. Nice machine, needs upgrade, any advice?
  221. timing belt or screw? cost vs precision
  222. Super PID contact info?
  223. New Machine Build Steel / aluminum CNC router design
  224. Need Help! 4*4 gantry cnc confusion
  225. table for 4x8 mill
  226. Build Thread Router home build Australia. Solid steel build
  227. Starting out, which machine to buy/build
  228. New Machine Build DIY CNC Router using Linear Actuators
  229. To build or buy....
  230. 4 axis dilema
  231. Build Thread Servo retrofit help
  232. pro's and con's of using ball-bearing drawer slides?
  233. Building CNC Router from scratch
  234. DIY Clamping Methods?
  235. New Machine Build need your opinion :) 2500x1500
  236. Rant So...who's got an extra can of chip smoke?
  237. Newbie replace rotory tool with router
  238. Rave Porter Cable 7518 Router Motor Upgrade Awsome!! Spindle Lock
  239. Vertical/Semi-vertical tables...anyone? My thoughts...
  240. Problem steppers making random moves during cut.
  241. Need Help! Right 4x8 CNC for under 6K
  242. Can two clearpath servos be used to power one axis?
  243. optical slot limit sensors
  244. CNC Router from scratch
  245. Axis stiffening with concrete?
  246. CNC will not hold Zero????
  247. Need Help! MX4660 New Build.
  248. Need Help! LARGE 5 X 10 STEEL ROUTER BUILD
  249. Problem Y axis speed vs Z axis speed
  250. New Machine Build First design; borrowed idea; made/making in Canada
  251. New Engraving
  252. Does anyone have experience with Laguna Tools 10HP Vacuum Pump?
  253. Upgraded my drivers and steppers.
  254. Z Axis Design - Researching Prior to Build
  255. bought a used 48" X 48" X 5" used router table
  256. New Build
  257. Newbie Joes Design? CNC4848? Go off on my own???
  258. Z Drive build/modification
  259. Need Help! Dry Lube for Ball Screws
  260. Counter balancing Z axis..
  261. My machine keeps stall on me
  262. Purchasing the right linear rails for a home made cnc router table
  263. New Machine Build New Machine Design
  264. T8 ACME - nut wear? Anti-backlash nuts?
  265. SuperPID worth it or not?
  266. Newbie Old guillotine base, need to use it for CNC router. Any help?
  267. Problem DIY CNC - HELP NEEDED - X Axis Jumps
  268. Quick tool change spindle attachment
  269. New Vertical CNC Router Build
  270. what to upgrade? lead screw or control
  271. Need Help! Ran into trouble using epoxy to level linear rails
  272. Software to transfer your gantry carriage plate design to vector
  273. New Machine Build First time building CNC Router. Would love some feedback on my design.
  274. New Machine Build D.I.Y C.N.C router aluminum extrusions ( All Suggestions Are welcome )
  275. Router Crash
  276. Probotix Nebula vs CNC Router Parts CRP4848
  277. Build Thread My cnc router with linear ATC
  278. Build Thread DIY 8 Head CNC Router Wood Engraving
  279. Did 4x4 cnc
  280. Need Help! Tool path changed
  281. Need Help! Design ready! But anxious about whether it's truly ready to build...
  282. Power needs for my router setup
  283. Tooling - chip out in hard wood
  284. DIY CNC Design. criticism wanted.
  285. Need Help! New build - need linear ball pillow block advice / sourcing help
  286. New Machine Build Simple CNC machine project, advices, best parts to buy?
  287. Proximity switch mounting (home sensor)
  288. Puzzle joinery CAM software?
  289. Stepper Size Recommendation
  290. Angular Contact bearing in routers
  291. Probotix Nebula - Progress
  292. CNC router build
  293. Getting started with CNC routers with the OpenBuilds C-Beam machine?
  294. My carbon fiber CNC gantry
  295. Please help me choose best material for project
  296. Limitations of cheap 4th axis components off eBay?
  297. Need Help! OX CNC not cutting correctly
  298. New Machine Build The Best way to level surface and then install the rails
  299. Working with Aluminum Blog
  300. Connecting linear rails to steel tubes with screw threads and required wall thickness