Hello guys,
This is my first post on cnczone forum. I started to raise interest in 3d printing and I came across some nice diy projects on web. I decided to build my own resin based 3d printer. I found 2 projects which impressed me very much. One is using DLP projector as a light source for curing resin and the other is using LCD screen. After a bit more googling, I learned, that DLP projectors are emitting much more UV light (enough to cure resign) than LCD display. But I also learned, that there is daylight 3d resin, that can be used with higher wave length light source (LCD display). Now, I am in a dilemma, which version to go for. Both have some pros and cons. Projector is more expensive and has lower resolution. But LCD does not emmit UV light, so I have to use daylight resin. I don't know, if this resin is harder to get and if it's more expensive. What is the quality of the material and so on? With LCD, everything would look more elegant and less space would be needed.
For projector variant, I was looking at this project: Adventures in DIY Engineering: 3D DLP Printer. It is proven product and it work really well. If I would go into this variant, I was looking at this projector: 2000Lumens LED Projector Business Home Theater USB TV 3D FHD 1080P VGA/HDMI. As you can see, this is the cheapest FHD projector on ebay and it costs 123$. Do you think it would be good enough? Is resolution of projector really important in print quality? I mean, is there a big difference if I use 1280x800 instead of 1920x1280?

Now, for the LCD variant, this one came to my attention: Cristelia - Open Source LCD SLA resin printer [ DayLight ] by dvjcodec - Thingiverse. This project is not yet finished, so I don't know how it works. But, if I would build this variant, I was looking at this display and controller board: 13.3" Asus Zenbook UX31A N133HSE-EA1 FHD 1920x1080 LED LCD Display Screen Panel | eBay
VGA HDMI LCD Controller Board for N133HSE EA1 EB1 eDP 30Pin 1920x1080 LED Screen | eBay
which both together cost around 100$. Resolution of this variant would be better than with projector and it would be cheaper. But again, I don't know if such a light source cure resin well. What are the curing times of individual layers. Is it difficult to set all the parameters together?

I am asking you guys, if anyone have any experience with one or another, or if anyone know the details that I am missing, please advise me. I thank you for all answers in advance.

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